The Story

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I am one for a good story. In fact, from my perspective there’s a story in everything. Everyone, every place, and every adventure brings a new story that I get to tell. Not only do I find pleasure in sharing my stories, but I also get to hear ones too! How awesome is that?! They ALL have value to me and I treasure each one of them like they should be. Life is about experiences. I choose to live my life according to this belief and so far, it’s been one hell of a story! Sometimes, I feel as though I’ve stumbled onto a secret that I can’t help but spill. It’s as if, I’ve fallen into a vat of radioactive material and developed a super power to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! Some would call it a gift, a choice, a perspective or a belief. It’s all!  It’s life and it’s whatever  I want it to be! I believe in sharing my unique take on life because, I feel happy when I do. Happiness is something that I feel shouldn’t be kept hidden. I feel like it should be shared and celebrated! We’re here, we’re all living together and… it’s AMAZING!!!!!! No matter where you are, where you come from, how you got to where you are today, your story is amazing and I want to hear it! Why? Because why not?! Life is an experience that we all share. I say, lets all share this experience together and make something extraordinary!!!!


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