Dirty Dancing at Lake Lure

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“Nobody puts baby in a corner.”


         The Rumbling Bald Resort in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, is an incredible place. The resort overlooks Lake Lure, (A popular vacation spot in the summer), and sits neatly tucked between the hazards of their well kept golf course. The white sand beaches and children’s water park make this an excellent option for all ages. They host a Dirty Dancing festival here to celebrate the fun the movie brings in mere mention. It’s probably useful information to note, that the original movie was filmed here as well. They offer a tour to the guest of the grounds before the festival starts, fun film themed food fare and the after party is quite the scene! Be prepared to dress up in flowing dresses and be dazzled by the spectacular show they put on. It’s needless to say, but….

I had the time of my life.

It was so lovely catching up with one of my childhood best friends from Southern California! Love my Brandi-kins!

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The views home were outstanding and so lush! 


There were so many cool places that we passed by. Too bad we couldn’t stop at them all!


Th honor system applied at this cute little pit stop.

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Travel tips for the festival:

1.) Get there early if you don’t want to miss out on the fun of the tour.

2.) If the food options aren’t to your liking at the festival, they do have a quaint little restaurant located on the main property to grab a quick bite.

3.) Be sure to save time for a fun dip in the lake and soaking up the suns rays, with a cool drink in tow!

4.) Watch out for Bears!!!

5.) Make sure to have the time of your life!!


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