Truth, Justice and The Pink Flamingo Mom way.

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This year I’ve met so many incredible people and I had the opportunity to do some incredible things. I started this website as a way to find myself again, and it’s becoming so much more than I could’ve imagined. I found something rewarding in addition to promoting my life. I found a way to give back. Through my journey into “adulthood” (I turn 30 this month, which I consider to be quite an adult number. I’m sure when I’m 60 I laugh at my young self. Then laugh at my 60 year old self when I’m 80.), I realized there is so much joy in promoting other people and their businesses as well, that why haven’t I been doing this the whole time? What the heck old me?! What were you doing for 1/3 of your life? I don’t get paid for it… yet. I just use my skills in writing to highlight how awesome people and places can be. I also use them to highlight issues and create topics of discussion. Ever since I adopted this positive attitude, I’ve been experiencing more success in life than ever. I recently got accepted into a program for academic success in applying to law school. I’ll be heading to a college of law founded by two women, in July.  I’ll get to participate in this exciting opportunity, and it was something I think I’ve been wanting for a while. It’s an opportunity to give back, through knowledge and empowerment. Plus, It will be an Awesome weekend in our Nations Capital!!!

Sometimes life can take you in unexpected directions. Some good, and some bad. The ability to bounce back or resiliency is a strong predictor of what determines your success in life. Then again You could also just live a “perfect” life from birth to death. That could happen… I guess.  If thats the case with you, I’d seriously question whether or not you were a robot, put on this earth to make people feel incredibly inadequate about themselves. I firmly believe no one is perfect.

I’ve come to realize that you may perceive an event that has happened as wholly bad. That can happen. What I’ve learned is that it may suck at the time, but given the right attitude anything is possible. I mean that literally. You might just need to find out what your definition of success is and jump on in. Some wonderful lessons I’ve learned along the way are……..

#1.) Never let fear stop you from doing something that could be amazing.

#2.) Don’t take no for an answer. If you want it, go get ’em tiger. The worst thing someone will say is.. “Please stop contacting me.” At that point, you could get sued for harassment. So….. probably take that lesson to heart.

#3.) Always, push yourself beyond what you think could be possible. Hater’s are hater’s for whatever reason. You know who you are, if they don’t see the value you have to bring to the table then it sucks for them. Let me tell you, that YOU, (person reading this right now), are capable, connected and your potential is off the charts!

#4.) Aim high, and fall from there. For me, my goal is to be the president someday. If I don’t achieve that, then I’m sure I’ll end up somewhere pretty successful with a big dream like that. Call me naive, and I’ll slap a story down that you probably weren’t expecting.

#5.) Have a back up plan and if you don’t, you’ll be okay too and you’ll figure it out.

#6.) Don’t settle for rational, unless you want to. Life’s not rational or predictable, so go for it!

#7.) Live your life the way you want to.

#8.) When opportunity appears, seize it.

#9.) Try to lift others up in the process and make amends when you can, if needed. Don’t leave any bad blood.

#10.) Try to let things go. You may not always be capable or able to, but a willingness to try, will make all the difference.

And finally lets leave it off with an even number… Cue the mom joke.

#11.) Surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to be doing, or people you’re just curious about. Contact them, ask them questions, get to know them, and even see if they’ll meet with you. The world is full of possibility and I think a good way to live a full and rich life of success, is to explore that possibility!!

So, the moral of this story is… what are YOU waiting for? Go kick some butt!


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