There’s Wine in Here.

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Okay.. So it’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything. Life is freaking crazy you all. One minute you’re on a path, knowing exactly the direction you want to go in and then, it just throws you off the back of a pick up truck. Seriously. When you aren’t going on a course that the Universe/God/Destiny or whatever you call it, “IT” brings circumstances to force change. I was so set on getting into law school. So focused. Yet here I am. I haven’t graduated yet. My life, is totally crazy!! I’m in the middle of growth and some days I stress cry in the bathroom. While other days, I meet amazing people, and have the time of my life! My mantra lately, has seriously been YOLO. As “Millenial” as it may sound, I’ve found a rich, deep sense of spirituality in the meaning. You only live once. That’s it. You can plan out the perfect life, with the utmost attention to detail and it will straight up be like… NOPE. So, do what makes you happy. For me, that’s wine and food. I had zero street cred, or references in the food and wine scene six months ago. Now, I’m the Director of private events, and a manager of a wine shop in Downtown/Freemason area of Norfolk, Virginia. I still wake up sometimes like… What?! How did I get here?! It’s so surreal. My job has introduced me to amazing chefs, photographers, magazine editors, movie producers, sommeliers, wine makers, engineers, politicians, musicians, actors, etc… It’s absolutely insane. It has changed so incredibly fast, that I think I’m just gonna go with this YOLO for a minute and see where I end up. To end this, I’ll say this, My job………………….is to throw parties, drink wine and hang out with really cool people. So, if you’re currently stuck doing something you aren’t particularly happy about… let the YOLO take over and enjoy your life! AND.. if you are a Mom, like me. Don’t fret. Mom’s can do cool stuff too!


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